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Hang gliding and tandem paragliding flight instructor

"We love flying, and sharing it with you is our passion"

Paragliding in and around the greater Sedgefield and Wilderness areas
Cloud 9 Sedgefield - Kleinkrantz - Wilderness and the famous Map of Africa!

Wild2fly is the only school in South Africa that offer hang gliding and paragliding training and tandem flights.

Our book tandem flight deal is a limited offer untill stocks last. (For course specials click here!) Buy our short story book and recieve a 20% discount voucher on a tandem paragliding flight valid untill stocks last! Wings and Things @ R100. This book is all about flying and other interesting things. Free delivery in the greater George area - if you live further afield we might ask for an additional 50 bucks for delivery costs. ;)

We have a few sites we fly tandem from, mainly Sedgefield Paragliding and Wilderness Paragliding - all pending on the wind direction on the day. The most used ones are Map of Africa, Wilderness beach Hotel, the Kleinkrantz car park, Paradise Ridge and Sedgefield. We will therefore notify you of the probable conditions and venuue a day in advance of your booking. On the flying day we will confirm a definite time and place where the flying will take place. Please bring warm but comfortable clothing - normally a pair of jeans, some sneakers or running shoes and a tracksuit jacket or other warm top. If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to ask. We are ready to answer any questions you might have.

Please note: There are weight and size limits. All tandem hang gliding flights are 90kg and for Paragliding it is 120kg (some aditional criteria might be applicable). And of course liability waivers apply. ;)

Hang gliding and Paragliding Lockdown Hits!
Buy our flying short story book and get a 20% discount tandem PG flight voucher. Valid while stocks last!

Wings and Things just 100 bucks!

Hang gliding and Paragliding tandem flights in Wilderness, Sedgefield Garden Route

Do a hang gliding or paragliding course and get a free Paragliding tandem flight! Fully transferable!
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This is our passion - sharing with you!

Tandem Hang gliding
R3000 per flight!
The ultimate bird-like experience!

Have what it takes? Do the Hang gliding Vicbay or Gerrickes 1000 footer Adventure flight! At least 30 minutes of gliding fun (Inclusive of the in-flight video!)
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